Which administrative steps must I follow when I arrive in France/Switzerland/China?

I am going to work in China/France/Switzerland with my family, how do I find housing?

How do I find a school for my children when I arrive in France/China/Switzerland?

I do not speak the language, where can I take introductory courses?

  • I will assist you with all of your integration measures to allow your expatriation to be a new and motivating experience without the worry of administrative constraints which can often become a source of concern.
  • I will find accommodation in an environment which matches your criteria.
  • I will propose a school for your children which corresponds to your expectations.
  • I will help you through all administrative steps.
  • I will enroll you in language courses in order to facilitate interaction with the local population.
  • I will develop your circle of contacts by promoting social and professional networks.
  • I will equally be by your side for all other specific assistance.