I am leaving to work in China/France/Switzerland, how can I easily integrate myself?

I have just arrived in China/France/ Switzerland, what do I need to know about everyday life?

What cultural specifics do I need to know before I leave for China or before I arrive in France or Switzerland?

What do I need to do and not do in China/France/Switzerland?


  • A single word or trivial gesture in our own culture can be interpreted as a lack of respect in another country. Thanks to the training in Chinese, Switzerland or French culture, you will have all the tools to become successfully integrated during your stay. In a single day of training, which will permit you to better understand the Chinese culture if you wish to blend into this environment, or the French culture if you are heading to France, you will know everything you need to know about your host country: its traditions and customs and the ways of everyday life.
  • The goal of this training is to reduce culture shock, to be able to arrive already knowing how to behave in certain key situations, and to feel more at ease already knowing which attitudes to adopt.



Which administrative steps must I follow when I arrive in France/Switzerland/China?

I am going to work in China/France/Switzerland with my family, how do I find housing?

How do I find a school for my children when I arrive in France/China/Switzerland?

I do not speak the language, where can I take introductory courses?


  • I will assist you with all of your integration measures to allow your expatriation to be a new and motivating experience without the worry of administrative constraints which can often become a source of concern.
  • I will find accommodation in an environment which matches your criteria.
  • I will propose a school for your children which corresponds to your expectations.
  • I will help you through all administrative steps.
  • I will enroll you in language courses in order to facilitate interaction with the local population.
  • I will develop your circle of contacts by promoting social and professional networks.
  • I will equally be by your side for all other specific assistance.



Is it important to learn the language of my new country?

Which everyday phrases are important to learn?


  • I offer introductory courses in order to understand the basics of the Chinese language which can be useful upon arrival. Learning basic vocabulary often provokes sympathy from the Chinese people, which can add to the comfort of the expatriated person and help to establish an initial social network with the locals of his/her new homeland.
  • A “hello”, a “thank you” or a “goodbye” in the country’s language are always welcome, and they are nice words to express when we know they are appreciated.